Our Team

Specialist in Web design,Logo design,Brochure design,Graphic Design,Web Development ,Mobile Application Development and Internet Marketing.

Rajesh Jayakasi – Managing Director ,Alamar Technology Pvt,Ltd.

He has been instrumental in converting what began as a personal passion for creative web design into one of indian’s most prominent and successful web design and development companies.

Rajesh jayakasi is unquestionably one of the most knowledgable and inspiring personalities in the Indian web industry and has not only formed long standing relationships with each of rajesh’s clients but has also been ideal leader for a growing team of talented individuals.

Rajesh’s remarkable knowledge of a range of business problems in a broad range of industries brings more than simply an understanding of the web to each client particular project.

Integrally involved in the sales,Creative and production teams,the application of rajesh’s experience and insight on each project has provide the foundation for rajesh’s rapid growth in a very competitive industry.

Rajesh Jayakasi is also interested in providing a wealth of strategic business thinking to every Rajesh’s ciient and is seen as a spokesman for the Indian web Development industry.

Uthirapathi Devendran-Project Manager

Uthirapathi Devendran has extensive experience planning, designing, coding and managing web development projects. His friendly manner, listening skills and focus on usability mean he’s able to understand the things that are important from your perspective.

Nataraj Ilango-Support Manager

Nataraj looks after most of our support. He also works to transform the designs we create into interactive web pages. He writes clean, efficient css, html and php code to work with all modern web browsers, bridging the gap between form and function.

Selvam-Web Designer

Selvam is all-around obsessed with design,he is dedicated to ensure even the finest detail in a design is perfect.he may be the quietest person in the room,but his web designs speak loud and proud.

Siva Thangavelu-Online Marketing

Siva has Create sites that are optimized for search engines and search engines ranking.he also Develop and maintain social media profiles on Twitter,Facebook,and LinkedIn.

Nishanthi Rajendiran-Human Resource

Nishanthi has the recruitment and selection process for regular staff positions,which involves identifying vacancies or new positions,posting these positions,recruiting for them,and selecting,hiring,promoting,and transferring staff employees.

Gayathri valavan-Accounts

Faye crunches the numbers, balances the books and makes sure things add up.