Stainless Steel Material Used in Cars

Stainless Steel Material Used in Cars

As owner, you most likely already took a peek inside the vehicle’s complex body. What did you observe? You perhaps realized that all parts are created from steel, stainless steel in particular. Stainless steel is an iron-carbon alloy. Unlike the usual metal, this kind does not stain, rust, nor corrode. Sometimes it is known as corrosion resistant steel if the alloy kind is not detailed most specially in the aviation industry. Because of its ability to resist rust, majority vehicle components are created using stainless steel.

In various vehicle applications, stainless steel already plays a significant role most particularly in the exhaust, outer panel, trims, wipes, engines and more. Parts of the exhaust system that is always subjected to corrosive gases and high temperature should be created using a material which is tough enough to endure extreme condition, and this is surely the right choice. Moreover, stainless steel exhausts are also noted to withstand oxidation.

Likewise stainless steel manifold is also efficient in the process of maintaining highly finished surfaces compared to the usual steel and so lower coefficient of friction is achieved therefore creating lesser resistance to gas flow. No other substance is competent enough to go along the task played by this part. Come to mull over the fact that there are numerous corrosive emissions that comes from brunt petrol and so something that does not permit rust is the only one fitted for its construction.

Moreover, this is also used in fuel tanks manufacturing industry in a vehicle. Because of strict campaign against environmental pollution, laws as well as regulations had been passed campaigning against the use of current tank materials which is not out-of-date in terms of emission limits. The possible answer to this worsening problem is the use of stainless steels taking for consideration their ability of being highly formable.

In addition, stainless steel is also used on vehicle parts like head gaskets, pump bodies, hose clamps, windscreen wiper, seatbelts springs and many more. The suspension system is as well created using from this which can help the vehicle save as much as 25% of the original weight of the system therefore making it lighter. On recent year, many vehicle makers are exhausting all means to look for possible application of stainless steel on vehicles which will permit higher stiffness and lower vehicle’s total weight. Sooner or later, who knows the whole part of a vehicle maybe created from this.