Web Design and Redesign

Web Design:

We at alamar technology believe that Web Designing is not just creating a graphic design for the web with standart tools and widgets to deploy the sites.It is powered by creativity.and we are artists with perfection and creativity in Our DNA.We invest our hearts and emotions in every project to create the most innovative and contemporary designs that excite,motive and engage users.

We are passionate about designs and we use our experience,imagination and strategies to convert your ideas into reality.Good designs come from the heart and we want to feel proud of the work that we do for our clients.

Web Re-Design:

Are you glad together with your current web site design? Is your web site easy and simply navigable? will your web site adhere to latest net standards? area unit your web site users glad visiting your website?

If not then you’re in a very serious have to be compelled to plan your web site. Redesigning net helps you to accommodates the recent net technologies and build your web site additional enticing and engaging for guests. Redesigning makes your web site capable of fulfilling all of your on-line promoting objectives. All the new practicality, updated content, additional refined, elegant look, makes your web site users’ 1st preference.

Why must you plan your web site with Alamar?

We look up to net redesigning as a way to relinquish your web site a very new and stylish look with removal of all previous style flaws and as well as all upgraded and recently developed technologies. we have a tendency to follow all the essential rules for productive redesign:

* We analyze the fundamental want for plan and focus to meet that require.

* Before we have a tendency to begin with the work we have a tendency to pay many hours to check the previous style and its flaws.

* A website plan is that the best time for a content review. Once we all know additional regarding our users’ expectations and desires, we have a tendency to begin to review and reorganize the web site content.

* we have a tendency to certify that the new style of our web site works by testing it before of desired audience. conjointly we have a tendency to take a look at our style to match the desired net standards.

* we have a tendency to produce a CMS once we plan. CMS helps in managing the content singly from style. thence we have a tendency to build a CMS that helps the plan method easier in future.

* We aim at redesigning a web site often with future needs for up gradation rather than redesigning once in two or three years.

* We aim at providing computer program improvement for your web site.

* We conjointly focus at conversion and usefulness of existing web site and redesigned web site

* A website with improved layout and overall style change users an improved expertise. Our websites plan leads to increased potency, raised sales and inquiries. Your web site becomes computer program friendly so it gets higher position in major search engines. Our web site plan services includes regular maintenance and technical support for a collection amount of your time.